Independent laboratory Kentoptic has signed a three-year contract to provide the lab needs of Vision Care for Homeless People's centres in London's Victoria and at the Crisis Centre near Liverpool Street.

The lab, which specialises in glazing and bespoke surfacing, has already made up spectacles for the homeless, and executive manager Preston Everard said that the charity fitted in well with the company's ethos. 'As a company we have always looked to giving a little back and so when the opportunity arose to work with such an inspiration charity we were delighted to accept. I have to say, we have been very surprised by the powers needed. You can't function properly when you can't see and many of the prescriptions coming through have been high: up to +5.00D.'

Chair of the charity, Elaine Styles said: 'With the recession we are seeing a lot more homeless people - particularly men, but the charity work is extremely rewarding. The best part is the dispensing. Helping people to see again properly - often after many years - is amazing. For many this brings a confidence boost and the ability to start filling out job application forms.'

Volunteers are urgently needed to work at the charity's Birmingham Centre. Visit or call 020 8356 6532.