A marketing campaign launched by CooperVision has reminded lapsed contact lens wearers of the freedom that wearing contact lenses could bring to their lifestyles.

The @home@play consumer-faced campaign was designed to encourage wearers to return to their pre-Covid wearing habits and book an appointment at their local optical practice.

CooperVision said during the pandemic, 33% of contact lens wearers reduced their frequency of wear because they wanted to give their eyes a break and 29% had not worn their contact lenses because they only wore them for socialising.

It added that contact lens sales dripped by around 7% in April when compared to last year, as a result of wearers spending more time at home.

Doug Bairner, country manager for the UK and Ireland at CooperVision, said: ‘Contact lenses offer people the freedom to do so many different things; we wanted the campaign to acknowledge this and showcase how this period of restriction is making us discover new ways of finding freedom in our everyday lives, like getting outside and exercising, playing more with our kids and taking up new hobbies.

‘We intend for this campaign to support the category as a whole, help to increase frequency of wear in existing wearers and help drive sales for our business partners. We believe that category initiatives like this will support optical retailers keep pace with this period of change and provide a valuable boost to their contact lens business.’

The campaign would run on Facebook, Instagram and digital display advertising throughout the winter and highlighted everyday scenarios to prompt wearers into action.