Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have developed an OCT device that it claimed can produce a full 3D image of the eye ten times faster than current equipment.

OCTLight, the university’s spin-off company responsible for commercialising the device, said it can achieve a range of over ten times longer than your average OCT.

It is now manufacturing this new laser-technique to be used by medical technology companies in the commercialisation of full 3D OCT imaging devices.

Dr Thor Ersted Ansbæk, CEO of OCTLight, said: ‘Our technique allows you to image the whole eye from front to back in 3D. It scans faster so you can image a larger part of the retina. It allows you to image 150 degrees of the retina, and penetrates the eye, allowing you to see all the layers of the retina.’

The company said it has developed a compact ‘light source module’ and processing capability that ‘sweeps’ through the wavelengths of the optical spectrum faster than existing methods and has the ability of imaging deeper into tissue than ever before.

Ansbæk continued: ‘It’s a big leap forward for this type of technology and specially tailored for use in the devices that are used for diagnosing and treating eye diseases.’