Zeiss Vision Care has released the results of research which found that lockdown has negatively impacted on respondents’ optical wellbeing.

The study, which examined multi-tasking during lockdown among those who had previously worked in an office, found that 49% of those surveyed felt ‘tired eyes’ was their most common difficulty when working at home.

Over half of the 18-24 year old respondents reported problems with tired eyes (51%), while significant minorities in this age group reported headaches (42%) and issues with their clarity of vision when switching between devices (37%).

Lindsay Filmer, marketing director at Zeiss, explained: ‘This survey tells us the extent to which this is happening but also that there are perceived issues here with people’s optical and physical health, which concerns us.’

Filmer added that multi-tasking via different screens was more common when working from home. 42% of survey respondents confirmed this trend, while a further 34% said they performed tasks that required their eyes to switch between different distances.