Johnson & Johnson Vision has partnered with TV chef Lorraine Pascale to be the contact lens company’s Acuvue brand ambassador for 2022.

Pascale will discuss presbyopia and 1-day Acuvue Moist multifocal contact lenses on her social media accounts with the Rebrand community, which was designed for women agedover 40.

Kate Stockwell, head of marketing for vision care in the UK and Ireland at Johnson and Johnson Vision, said: ‘Presbyopia needn’t hold anyone back and there are contact lenses out there that will correct the issue and enable people to live life free from vision challenges. Welcome to the Acuvue family Lorraine.’

Stockwell added that she was delighted Pascale would be working with the company to raise awareness of presbyopia and empower people to embrace the positives of midlife.

Pascale will share her experiences of living with presbyopia and discuss how the human body changes with age. ‘Midlife should be a period we embrace to experiment and find fulfilment in different areas of life. The Rebrand was designed to encourage this. As our bodies evolve with age, our eyesight can be challenging, but it’s something we must embrace and discuss positively,’ she said.