Eyewear manufacturer and distributor Marchon has announced it will introduce Eastman’s sustainable Tenite Renew material in its proprietary and licensed brand frames from January 2023.

Tenite Renew uses more than 60% of sustainable materials made from bio-based and certified recycled content. Marchon said the material’s introduction into its sunglasses and optical frame collections would maintain its commitment to sustainability and bring key benefits to consumers. The company said frames retained the premium look and feel of acetate with the manufacturing convenience and benefits of injection-molded frames.

The material employs the same recycling technology as Eastman’s Acetate Renew, using hard-to-recycle waste plastic in place of fossil feedstock, reducing carbon emissions and doing away with fossil-based resources.

‘We are incredibly proud to build on our successful partnership and growing collaboration with Eastman,’ said Marchon Eyewear president Thomas Burkhardt. ‘By joining forces again and introducing Tenite Renew in Marchon frames, we are able to offer our customers even more sustainable options in eyewear.’

Eastman eyewear segment manager Rachel Oakley added: ‘Marchon is truly committed to implementing sustainable materials for frames and lenses across their portfolio as part of their Eyes on Tomorrow programme. After a successful year of collaboration, we are delighted that Marchon trusts Eastman by adopting Tenite Renew and offering their consumers sustainable solutions for a growing number of designs and applications.’

The first licensed brand to use Tenite Renew will be Nautica.