Martin Smith Opticians in Lincoln has become the first practice in the UK to adopt a 3D refraction system from IPRO called Paskal 3D.

Practice owner Dr Martin Smith, who discovered the system while at Optrafair, said he was increasingly convinced that traditional refraction routines were not the best way to determine a prescription. He said there was inertia within the profession for change and optometrists rarely changed the way they refracted patients.

Paskal 3D uses circular polarising filters to enable the patient to keep both eyes open throughout the examination. By allowing monocular tests to be carried out under binocular condition the patient is more relaxed and a better result is achieved. The system also uses colour 3D images making the test more engaging and enjoyable.

The refraction system was unveiled at a launch event at the practice in front of an invited audience of local health professionals, academics and the media. Also attending the launch were co-inventor of Paskal, Fritz Passman and sales manager Brian Ponsford.