The Millmead Optical Group has collaborated with sustainability designer, Yair Neuma, to create a sculpture using its factory lens waste and demos.

Since the project was conceived in March 2022, Millmead has decided to combine sustainability with a focus on Liverpool heritage and offered a summer Internship to a fine art student from Liverpool John Moores University. The student has been working as Yair’s assistant over the summer.

Millmead’s Head of Marketing, Peter Cronin, who is overseeing the project, commented: ‘As someone born and raised in Liverpool, it’s exciting to see how various strands of the project are coming together in a way that is bolstered by talent and resources from the local area. We couldn’t be prouder of the opportunity to lead the way as a sustainably-driven organisation.

‘The finished sculpture will be exhibited here in Liverpool before commencing a short road trip to some key cities, and then will be exhibited at 100% Optical before finding its natural resting place at ABDO College in Canterbury.'