A disservice has been committed in the profession because a standard of care to halt myopia progression does not exist, according to the president of the World Council of Optometry (WCO).

Paul Folkesson said that a standard of care should be taken up by optometrists, which would be created through a partnership between the WCO and CooperVision.

‘Myopia is arguably the most widespread epidemic faced by the global optometry community. Yet despite the increased prevalence and severity of the condition and its detrimental impacts on eye health, a standard of care does not exist to stem myopia progression. That is a disservice to our profession, patients and public health,’ Folkesson said.

CooperVision and the WCO’s partnership has been made to increase awareness and have a greater impact on myopia management by providing tools and support.

Its standard of care definition would be centred around evidence-based approaches and applied globally with multi-lingual resources made available in the future.

Gary Orsborn, vice president of global professional, medical and clinical affairs at CooperVision, said: ‘The WCO and CooperVision share a vision of a planet where myopia is effectively managed and controlled, not just corrected at a young age.’