Eye Health UK has amended its campaign timetable for National Eye Health Week (Sept 19-25), setting aside Monday 19 as a day of national mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

Following state events, the planned national roadside vision screening campaign, which was initially to be held on Tuesday 20, has been postponed until the new year as road traffic officers were drafted in to London. ‘National activity on 20 September will be limited to social media posts around the importance of good vision for safe driving,’ according to the charity.

FrEYEday 23 September has also been spotlighted as the Eye Q Report will be launched, looking at how lifestyle impacts vision and eye health and encouraging regular eye tests.

Revised Timetable for NEHW 2022:

  • Monday 19 September – Tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Tuesday 20 September – Vision and Driving (social media only)
  • Wednesday 21 September – Kids’ Eye Health
  • Thursday 22 September – Eye Health and the Menopause
  • FrEYEday 23 September – What’s Your Eye Q? (report launch)
  • Saturday 24 September – Minor Eye Conditions
  • Sunday 25 September – Living with Low Vision

Advice on cancelling or rescheduling local events and activities has been sent to supporters and can be found at visionmatters.org.uk/electronic-resource-centre.