Essilor has launched a new range of single vision lenses to help reduce fatigue and vision acuity with Eyezen Start.

Using Dualoptim technology and postural data on average working distances and eye declination, Eyezen Start will optimise the lens surface for distance and near vision with two reference points and offer a 60% cut in power error and astigmatism. It has been designed for children and adults up to the age of 40 who switch between digital devices by adjusting to varied distances and smaller screen fonts. A filter against blue-violet light and screen glare is also a feature.

Dr Andy Hepworth, professional relations manager, said: ‘The promise of reducing eye strain is a compelling consumer message and trials prove that customer satisfaction levels will be exceptional. When we launched Eyezen Boost we were focusing on wearers who face high levels of fatigue. Now we have a mass-market solution for all single vision wearers, including children.’