Dr Bettina Hohberger, from the Eye Clinic at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany, has won the Heidelberg Engineering Xtreme Research Award for her diagnostic insights into long Covid.

Hohberger’s research used optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A) on the Spectralis platform in an experimental setting to assess therapeutic responses of patients impaired by chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and found that long Covid may present certain characteristics in retinal capillary density.

‘It is an honour for me to accept this award from Heidelberg Engineering. With this technology, we were able to gain novel insights into the field of long Covid,’ said Hohberger.

‘Scientific research relies on high-resolution images and precise measurements, and we are fortunate to have OCT-A devices with a high resolution to help us detect and image physiological changes, discern patterns, and formulate potential treatment options.’

With the Xtreme Research Award, Heidelberg Engineering recognised talented researchers for their outstanding projects that provided tangible benefits to ophthalmic science and eye care, and improved patient care.

Krysten Williams, head of global marketing and education, said: ‘Dr Hohberger’s research is making substantial contributions to medical insights into long Covid and may help refine treatment options.’