An optometrist who claimed to be able to 'cure heart disease', 'prevent coronary thrombosis' and provide 'real heart attack prevention' has been erased from General Optical Council registers by a fitness to practise committee.

The committee alleged that Hull-based Sydney Bush held himself out as a 'new kind of optometrist' who practised 'nutritional preventative cardioretinometry' and could manage coronary heart disease. In doing so, it alleged he worked outside his professional qualification and was therefore likely to have brought the profession into disrepute.

In addition, his actions did not comply with NICE or Joint British Societies cardiovascular risk advice, said the committee.

It was heard that Bush,  developed an interest in cardiovascular diseases sometime during 1998, when he noticed microscopic changes in blood vessels in the eye.

From approximately 2003, he began to publish his findings in medical and optical journals and promoted his findings in his shop window.

These actions came to the attention of NHS Hull, which wrote to Bush on a number of occasions and stated its concerns. In 2010, NHS Hull informed Bush he would be removed from its performers list and outlined its concerns to the GOC.

The committee reminded itself of its code of conduct and, in particular, sections which state that registrants must recognise and act within the limits of their professional experience and make sure that personal beliefs do not prejudice patient care.

All allegations were proved and Bush was found guilty of misconduct and erased from registers for the protection of the public.


This sytory was ammended on Monday March 4 2013 following a receipt of the following letter :

I am sorry to have to point out to you that your statement that I was not present at the hearing is completely incorrect.
I was present on on every day for the whole day of the 5 day hearing and on the concluding day together with my supporters
all of whom were opposed to the findings of the Council, as also,  we can assume, the patients signing 100 testimonials
promoting Vitamin C as the cause of their good fortune and 100 more people just happy to write testimonials to having
seen their arterial disease reducing and - obviously - endorsing as strongly as possible, their full approval of my practise.
Having  exhausted, in my opinion, all avenues for publicising the serious problems  with the Hull PCT  which
is still actively suppressing the discovery that arterial disease is reversible nutritionally, I was left with no alternative
but to bait and goad the PCT into action and bring this matter into the open. It has festered since 2003 when Dr. Hancocks'
allegations were rejected by the GOC by their failure to follow them up to a conclusion. His evidence at the hearing which
was rejected, leaving serious questions exposed, regarding the reliability of the evidence and the conduct of the medical profession.
Curiously, DAY 2 cannot be found in a Google search. It is in the evidence of DAY 2 that the failure of Optometric
education and the unwillingness of medicine to recognise this advance are brought into public view.

I offered to defend Optometry and it was established that CardioRetinometry(regd.) is not at present recognised as a
part of Optometry, but that it does not differ in principle from the prevention of AMD! The evidence for the reversal
of arterial disease is now published, accepted, and hosted by other independent non-medical websites and agreed
by many medical experts.

Please report factually that-
1.) Medical evidence presented at the hearing was solidly in favour of my practise.
2.) That the allegations were without a single lay complainant and were entirely interprofessional with medicine defending its image!
3.) My medical support showed medical research having been announced to start in my special area of expertise this year for the first time - 13 years too late!
4.) That the PCT was shown to be unwilling to review my evidence.
5.) That the PCT had neither attended or sent a delegate to my British Medical Assn lecture on 2nd Dec. 2009.
6.) That this was in contradiction of the PCT's statement in advertisements in HULL that the PCT "would cooperate with individuals and groups to reduce Hull's above National Average incidence of coronary heart disease."
7.) That Prof. Erickson, probably the World'sleading expert on nutrition travelled from the USA to support me.
8.) That Dr. Kenneth Walker  ( syndicated Medical jouirnalist writing as W. Gifford-Jones MD) has published several times that "Dr. Bush's
historic discovery is worthy of the Nobel Prize." and travelled from Canada to verify the photographic evidence as did Prof. Richer.
9.) That DAY 2 of the proceedings for some unknown reason and in which I demonstrate the failings of Optometric education are unavailable.
10.) That an appeal is being lodged with the Professional Standards Agency.

Sydney Bush
1. Prof Erickson
2. Dr. Mitchell
3. Dr Walker
4. Chris Lawson
5. Dr. V. Riches
6. Prof. Richer
7. "J.R"
8. Dr. Beute
and members of the Institute

Sydney J. Bush DOpt. PhD.
Head of Faculty of  Optometry and
eec (Reg.US.Pat+) 'Hearteries' (Reg) Brand nutrients.
Director World Institute of Optometry and CardioRetinometry

Skidby House, Skidby, E. Yorkshire HU16 5TF  UK. 01482  841842

Canadian Institute, Toronto,
Audio (5 minutes): Intro to Sydney Bush's Cardioretinometry ®

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