Ophthalmologist Lola Solebo has been awarded the Ulverscroft David Owen Prize by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) and the Ulverston Foundation.

Solebo’s five year IoLunder2 study questioned the practice of inserting Intraocular lenses (Iols) in the eyes of children under the age of two to improve visual outcomes and reduce the incidence of post-operative glaucoma, finding that Iols can contribute to a child’s sight deterioration.

President of the RCOphth Mike Burdon said: ‘The firm conclusions drawn by the IoLunder2 study will have significant impact for paediatric practice in the UK and further afield. The work undertaken by Lola Solebo and her co-authors is likely to prove important in the fight against avoidable childhood blindness for many years to come.’