Leeds is home to Newmedica’s fourth eye health clinic and surgical centre which will accept referrals from local optometrists and GP under a framework for post cataract agreed with the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (Locsu)

The St Martins House Medical Centre based unit provides NHS and private ophthalmology including cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment, in a non-hospital environment. The arrangement with local optometrists and GPs enables speedy referral and appointment availability for patients said Newmedica. The agreement between Newmedica and Locsu (Optician p.6 04.05.18) also ensures that patients are returned to the care of their local optometrists for aftercare following surgery.

Newmedica has three eye health clinics and surgical centres in North East Lincolnshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol operating on a similar basis. Darshak Shah, Newmedica managing director, said: ‘We are very pleased with the progress that the three pilot clinics have made so far in providing hospital-grade eyecare to patients in the community. The opening of the clinic in Leeds is a stepping stone to a national rollout of ophthalmology partnerships, working in conjunction with optometrists to deliver an exceptional, accessible and cost-effective services to NHS and private patients.’

Aldrin Khan, the centre’s clinical director said the centre would offer NHS and private services and be accessible to local patients. ’Our mission is to make eye care better for patients, better for the NHS and those that fund it, and better for our communities.’