Contact Lens Practice of the Year Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision

Winner: Tompkins Knight & Son


  • Hammond and Dummer
  • Specsavers, Worcester
  • Specsavers, Derby

Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year Sponsored by Alcon

Winner: Bhavin Shah, Central Vision Opticians


  • Mark Darling, Mark Darling Eyecare
  • Iain Johnson, Maloney Opticians
  • Lisa Pipe, Parley Optometrists

Contact Lens Product of the Year

Winner: Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue Transitions with Light Intelligent Technology


  • Mark ‘ennovy, MYLO
  • Visioneering Technologies NaturalVue Multifocal 1 Day
  • Menicon, Miru I day Flat Pack

Dispensing Optician of the Year Sponsored by ASDA Opticians

Winner: Jane Carol Cohen, G&G Optometrists


  • Zoe Anderson, Eden Eyecare
  • Lynsey Arguello, Broadhurst Optometrists
  • Suzana Gordon, Taylor-West and Co Opticians
  • Russel Ham, Specsavers Newport

Enhanced Optical Service Award

Winner: Appleson Optometrists


  • Probert and Williams Eyecare
  • Robert Frith Optometrists, Yeovil
  • Parley Optometrists

Fashion Practice of the Year

Winner: Park Vision Station Road Opticians


  • Rachel Murray Eyecare
  • Mincher-Lockett & Co Opticians
  • Broadhurst Optometrists

Frame of the year

Winner: Henry Beaumont Eyewear, Sea2See Positano


  • Gotti, DC06_Space
  • Asda, Bioeyes
  • Bird, Luna
  • l.a. Eyeworks, Garcia Rolf, Oxford
  • Eyespace, Aspinal of London Deauville

Independent Practice of the Year sponsored by Hoya

Winner: Robinson Optometrists


  • Benjamin Opticians
  • Liverton Opticians
  • Davies & Jones Optometrists
  • Linklaters Optometrists
  • Barham Optometrists

Lens Product of the Year

Winner: Hoya MySelf


  • Carl Zeiss, Smartlife
  • Essilor, AVA
  • Hoya, visuReal Master Mirror

Multiple Practice of the Year

Winner Boots: Opticians,Exmouth


  • Specsavers, Melton Mowbray
  • Specsavers, Bicester

Optical Assistant Team of the Year

Winner: Bowen Opticians

  • Allegro Optical
  • Robinson Optometrists
  • Henshaws Patient Support Service
  • David Burghardt Vision Care
  • Glass & Glass Optometrists
  • BBR Optometry
  • Specsavers, Bicester

Optical Supplier of the Year

Winner: Eyewear Styling Academy


  • BIB Ophthalmic
  • Instruments
  • Optos
  • Eyespace
  • Bondeye

Optometrist of the Year Sponsored by CooperVision

Winner: Dr Keyur Patel, Tompkins Knight and Son Optometrists


  • Mark Simpson, Allister and Simpson Opticians
  • Dr Rohit Narayan, Anstee & Proctor
  • Munirali Haji, Dickens Eye Clinic
  • Pretty Basra, Edwards and Walker Opticians

Social Media Practice of the Year

Winner: Urquhart Opticians Kilmarnock


  • Tompkins Knight and Son Optometrists
  • Station Road Opticians
  • The Eye Establishment
  • BBR Optometry

Technology Practice of the Year Sponsored by Optos

Winner: Central Vision Opticians


  • Tenterden Opticians Hearing & Eye Clinic
  • Hammond and Dummer Bespoke Opticians
  • Parley Optometrists
  • Buchanan Optometrists

The Family Optician of the Year sponsored by Midland Eyecare

Winner: Planit Opticians


  • Barnham Opticians
  • Valli Opticians
  • Clear View Opticians
  • Observatory the Opticians
  • Romsey Eyecare