Vision Express optometrist Ben Richardson has recently volunteered his expertise to a London homeless charity.

The Vision Care for Homeless People scheme, ran by London Crisis Centre, provides free eye tests and glasses.

Richardson said: ‘The patients are of all ages and from different backgrounds but everyone was so appreciative and it was very fulfilling. We know 37% of people put off an eye test because of a cost concern, so it’s unsurprising people in the homeless community are also reluctant. Many couldn’t afford to pay for glasses if they do need them.’

It is the second time Richardson, who lives in Maidenhead, has travelled to London to help the charity.

He added: ‘It's important to me to offer my skills, not just donate money. If I can give up my free time to give homeless people access to eye care services that could stop them losing their sight, it makes all the hard work getting my degree well and truly worthwhile.’