A film that has been shot entirely out of focus has been released by the College of Optometrists as part of its new Focus on Life campaign.

The campaign and film were designed to highlight the number of people in the country who are living their lives out of focus due to worsening eyesight.

Bafta award nominated director Mark Nunneley created the five-minute film, which mimics the eyes of a person who lives with blurred vision.

It shares stories told by four people and features things that people with good eyesight might take for granted, such as a walk along the beach.

Nunneley said: ‘Sight and focus are crucial for me to tell stories as a filmmaker, from the creative to the direction and cinematography.

‘I hope that our simple, life affirming message will connect with the viewer as we invite them to pause and reflect on their own lives and the importance of focus.’

Research conducted by the College found that 11% of UK adults would rather sit closer to the television than get their eyes tested.

Additionally, 17% said they would prefer to make the text bigger on their phones when reading messages than get a sight test.

Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, clinical adviser for the College, said: ‘We’re committed to encouraging people to get their sight checked regularly and educate people on the importance of looking after our eye health. The launch of our short out of focus film is a testament to this and we hope to get people thinking about their vision and booking an appointment with their optometrist as a result.’