Domiciliary eye care provider OutsideClinic has made the decision to transition to a fully electric fleet of cars.

The company made the decision following a three-month trial that evaluated whether the Volkswagen ID.3 electric car fulfilled the needs of its employees while remaining an efficient, comfortable method of transport.

‘The trial has gone very well and shows that the move to electric vehicles is a feasible solution for many,’ said OutsideClinic’s fleet and facilities manager. ‘This will achieve substantial savings for both employees and the company as we move into a new vehicle revolution.’

OutsideClinic said that the new vehicles could cover a range of up 320 miles and added that it would equip its staff members with home charging points.

The company added that its optometrists would also transition to using only wireless equipment, allowing them to be cable and lead free in patients' homes, pending a full roll-out.

‘We have been making progress with going wireless over the last few years and have recently sourced a test chart with the high specification we need and only needs charging once a day to complete the set of wireless equipment,’ commented OutsideClinic's director of professional services, Nick Wingate. ‘It will significantly reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.’