OutsideClinic launched its first national TV advert campaign through Sky AdSmart to spread awareness of its domiciliary services.

First aired November 7, the 30-second ad will run for six weeks with the aim to increase exposure to its target market of housebound customers eligible for an NHS-funded eye test. There are plans to rollout the TV campaign across other postcode areas in the New Year.

Nick Wright, marketing director at OutsideClinic, said: ‘While 460,000 eye tests were conducted in a domiciliary environment in 2020, research indicates that 2.7m people in the UK would actually benefit from such care, suggesting the majority of suitable people either don’t know about domiciliary eye care or there is not enough provision in their area.

‘We’ve recently expanded the already broad range of career opportunities we offer as we look to address the optometrist gap in the sector, and now, through this new advert, we’re aiming to boost awareness of the eye and hearing care services available to housebound patients as we look to help more people than ever before.’

Watch the new advert here: https://bit.ly/3Ag1Uom.