In the last issue Visus wrote about the Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ (RCOphth) Guidelines on HCQ screening (‘Questioning OCT policy’ 31.05.19). Contrary to the suggestion in the article, the College of Optometrists is involved as part of its role on the Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC) that provides guidance to policy makers and commissioners on eye health services in England.

The College provides the Secretariat of the CCEHC jointly with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. At its last meeting in March 2019, the CCEHC agreed to set up a working group chaired by the RCOphth on which The College of Optometrists is represented.

The working group is reviewing a set of questions, and their conclusions will be passed to the CCEHC for discussion. This will provide clarity on some of the issues practitioners and commissioners have identified about the current guidelines.

Jo Mullin
Director of Policy and Strategy
The College of Optometrists