NHS workers are too time pushed and strapped for cash to get regular eye tests, a poll has revealed.

Vision Express conducted the research among more than 2,000 active NHS staff members and found that one in three do not have regular eye tests and 2% have not had an eye test in more than 10 years. Also revealed was that 63% said that cost was the main reason why regular eye tests were skipped and half said it was difficult to find the time.

Jay Ghadiali, director of professional services at Vision Express, said: ‘What this research tells us is that even those who work in the healthcare industry and are educated about the importance of check-ups, aren’t actually getting them. It’s a huge issue because half of all sight loss is preventable – and an eye test can help detect a range of underlying conditions, such as risk of stroke, high cholesterol and even cancers.’

The poll results further highlighted that 40% of NHS staff who are parents do not get their aged under 16 children tested despite it being free and around one in four people who need prescription lenses to drive confessed to not wearing them when driving.

A large 45% were not aware that smoking doubles your chances of losing your sight through macular degeneration.

Ghadiali added: ‘We hope that now Vision Express is within 210 Tesco Extra supermarkets nationwide, it’s more convenient than ever to pop in and get tested. Plus, our mobile Vision Van continues to tour the UK offering free eye tests at major events and locations where we know that eye test uptake is particularly poor.”