Positive Impact is due to launch a new educational initiative named The Specialist Club in conjunction with specialist contact lens companies next month.

The first meeting of the club will be held on July 9 at the Holiday Inn, Wembley, from 9am-5pm. It will focus on specialist and niche contact lenses and will offer delegates up to eight CET points.

Sponsoring the event are SynergEyes UK, UltraVision and Menicon, all of whom will participate in CET discussion lectures for practitioners, as well as fitting demonstrations of products within their portfolio. Lecture topics will include hybrid, scleral, orthokeratology and specialist soft contact lens options, and there will also be interactive workshops on the different types of products.

Nick Atkins, Positive Impact’s director of marketing and professional services, said: ‘The Specialist Club seminar will be focused on getting practitioners more confident in the fitting of a variety of contact lenses for those patients who are not run of the mill. The draw for delegates will be that there will be interactive education on many of the different types of products under one roof.’

For more information or to book, email specialistclub@positiveimpact.co.uk or telephone 01424 817 035.