Optics has made its case for a minimum data set to be collected before and after refractive surgery.

David Hewlett from the Optical Confederation and Katrina Venerus from Locsu represented non-hospital ophthalmology providers, optometrists and dispensing opticians at a working group late last month.

Venerus said: ‘We are close to agreeing a minimum data set which will collect, before and after surgery, uncorrected near, intermediate and distance visual acuities as well as outcome at discharge, or at one year and discharge.

‘The overriding principle is to err on the side of simplicity and to collect only essential information and data as part of routine practice. We also agreed that patients when consenting to surgery should also be asked whether their data can be confidentially shared for audit purpose and to improve patient outcomes.’

Hewlett added: ‘Excellent progress is being made, although in many ways agreeing a dataset is the easy part. We now have to carry providers and clinicians with us to collect the data and persuade all parties to agree to submit them to a central independent analytical resource or repository.