A contact lens wearer in the US has developed a novel robotic insertion and removal device for scleral lens wearers with dexterity ssues.

The Cliara (Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Apparatus) Lens Robot was the brainchild of Craig Hershoff, who was diagnosed with Fuch’s dystrophy in 2000 and later discovered scleral lenses, which helped his vision greatly. He was inspired to develop the device after experiencing anxiety issues that caused his hands to shake, making lens insertion difficult.

Cliara Lens Robot uses a camera and patient-controlled retractable suction cups to guide the lenses on to one eye’s surface. With the other eye, the patient monitors a video display on the base of the unit and pressure sensors detect when each lens is inserted.

Hershoff said the device should only be used following advice from an optometrist and is seeking US approval following clinical trials.