The Bollé Brands Group has launched a new Rx programme with the aim of allowing more consumers to benefit from its proprietary lens technologies.

Through a single platform available worldwide, practice partners now have access to all the group’s brands and will be able to offer customers the benefits its technologies, including Bollé’s photochromic Phantom lens, Bollé’s Volt+ lens, Spy+’s Happy Boost, as well as the company’s signature Serengeti mineral lens that incorporates photochromic, polarising and Spectral Control technologies. The programme is offered across prescriptions -8 to +4.

The Bollé Brands Group said that the platform has been designed by and for opticians with a simple order entry process and improved tracking due to its modern interface.

Damien Hars, vice president of digital at Bollé Brands Group, said: ‘The process of manufacturing a pair of glasses adapted to the eyesight is complex and requires the intervention of highly qualified personnel in an increasingly restricted timeframe to satisfy the requirements of consumers.

‘We offer our optician partners a turnkey tool that allows them to respond quickly to customer requests, via an intuitive data entry interface, and to follow all the steps of the product manufacturing process. The web platform will be enriched in the coming months with new features to meet market trends.’

Bollé Brands Group’s products are endorsed by athletes, including professional sailor Charles Caudrelier and professional road cyclist Cyril Gauthier.