An independent optometrist from Hove has supplied a consultant dermatologist and Mohs surgeon with a prescription safety mask that prevents inhalation.

Sophie Taylor-West provided Dr Bav Shergill, pictured right, with a filtered-breathing safety mask that allowed him to perform his work safely.

Taylor-West explained: ‘I was keen to help Dr Shergill carry on with his lifesaving work. As a consultant dermatologist a lot of skin cancer surgery involves cauterisation and he needs to ensure that he is not inhaling any fumes.’

After approaching Norville for advice the company recommended a Norville Res1 breathing apparatus insert, a piece of kit that maintains the seal of a mask while allowing for filtered breathing.

Norville’s sales director Paul Willis commented: ‘I have had a lot of experience with this kind of safety eyewear in the past so had a good idea of how to approach the challenge. We made up an insert with an intermediate working distance lens plus an anti-fog coating, which seems to be doing the trick.’