Safilo has introduced a new division producing exclusive high-end capsule collections from its portfolio of luxury brands.

Atelier has launched with the exclusive lines from the Elie Saab Couture and Oxydo brands, but will include other labels in future. The concept will be available in the ‘most exclusive specialist optical and fashion boutique stores, rigorously selected across the world,’ said the company.

Patients can order limited edition collections and bespoke to order models.

‘With Atelier, we enter the segment of super luxury eyewear. It offers very interesting growth and profitability rates. Because we have made high quality product and distribution differentiation the bedrock of our corporate strategy over the past few years, we can now scale that to match precisely also the requirements of the super luxury business model,’ said Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo.

The production hub will be Safilo’s recently opened Padova-based product design and creation studio. The company said here designers would blend its near 140-year tradition for craftsmanship with the capabilities of new manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and artisanal jewellery making.

The Elie Saab range (right top) has been crafted from precious materials with gem embellishments, while the Oxydo collection (bottom) uses 3D printing to deliver a concept of wearable sculptures.