Silhouette can now provide in-house lens manufacture and glazing across its sunwear ranges from its Vision Sensation lab in Linz, Austria.

New for its 2019 sunwear are the Accent, Accent Rings and Infinity collections, which all benefit from the in house lens options. The brand has developed its Light Management system, which improves colour and contrast for vision while maintaining the look of the original designs.

Accent takes the aviator shape for men and packages it into a 1980s inspired light dynamic look. Women are treated to an array of colours and shapes in Accent Rings, with the hallmark SPX ring encasing a minimal rimless lens AR5500 (1). Infinity also gets a makeover and utilises SPX to create a colourful front married to titanium temples in a mass of colours and classic shapes.

To celebrate 20 years of Titan Minimal Art, Silhouette has developed a special edition sunglass collection that harks back to the brand’s ultra-minimalist beginnings. It features four architectural lens shapes coated in silver and gold with superlight titanium temples.