Two new Accessible Information Standard (AIS) films were launched by the University Hospitals Bristol, Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW) and Sight Loss Councils (SLC) to improve access to health information.

The 16-minute film, Make AIS work, shares the experiences of blind and partially sighted people in getting health information in an accessible format, while the shorter video, A strategic perspective on the Accessible Information Standard, outlined why equality of access is so important to the trust and how it is implemented.

Bristol Sight Loss Council members Jerry Floyd, Anela Wood and Mark Stevens, assistant general manager of surgery at UHBW, starred in Make AIS work and have been involved in making AIS changes at the trust.

Wood highlighted in the film that while hospitals were willing to provide preferred formats of information, they lacked a system or process to record the information for future use.

Stevens advised increased patient involvement for effective AIS improvements and added: ‘Whilst the AIS programme at UHBW is firmly under way, there is still quite a lot to be done. We have been implementing a series of workshops, engaging with staff and looking to develop our strategy. That is a real challenge, in terms of providing time resource, whilst facing [Covid] recovery issues.’

Mike Bell, SLCs’ national public affairs lead, said: ‘Accessible health information is vital for blind and partially sighted people. Without it, many risk missing appointments, not understanding their treatment or even taking the wrong medication. We hope trusts around the country will watch the films and it will spur them into implementing an AIS programme.’