Specsavers’ fun festive television advert this year featured primary school children describing what Santa looks like to them.

The advert, which has several versions, was created by Specsavers’ filmmakers Lenny Lenfesty and Kristen Rathje. Filming took place at UK and Ireland primary schools with children aged three to six.

Graham Daldrey, Specsavers’ creative director, said: ‘Specsavers is a very family-orientated brand and it seemed only natural for us to do something at Christmas – it’s such a great fit for our brand values. [Children] think of Santa as more than someone that just appears once a year to deliver presents. Children see him as having a life, living with his family at the North Pole. In fact, it’s only children that can really see Santa, so maybe it is us adults who need an eye test. It’s a very simple, heart-felt TV ad that many families will be able to relate to.’