The dynamics of working with your life partner have been explained by Indi Singh and fellow pre-reg student Jag Kaur, who have been married for 11 years.

The couple studied optometry together and are now doing their pre-registration placements at Specsavers Maidstone.

‘Whatever I’m doing, it’s always nicer doing it with Jag. She’s my best friend,’ said Singh.

Kaur also agreed and argued that their personal relationship helped their professional one. ‘Lots of people say they couldn’t work with their partner, but we know how each other works and we work together well,’ she said.

The couple first met when Singh was a manager in an optical practice. But he was keen to develop his career further and started a Fellowship Dispensing Diploma at ABDO College in Kent. Two years later Kaur also enrolled on a course at ABDO College – a BSc in ophthalmic dispensing.

In 2016 the couple moved into optometry and embarked on a BSc in optometry at Bradford University. They started their placements at Maidstone in October last year.

‘Going through the process together helps with stress. And simply talking about what we’ve done that day reinforces knowledge,’ Singh added.