British workers spend 85% of their waking hours staring at screens, according to new research by Optegra.

The research highlighted that employees spend an average of 13 hours and 34 minutes a day looking at screens at work, home and on their commute and 55 hours and 36 minutes a month looking at screens while commuting. A total of 46% admitted that too much screen time can affect their sleep.

It also found that engineers spend the most time looking at screens at 18 hours and 40 minutes a day, closely followed by IT specialists at 10 minutes less.

Sundeep Vaswani, eye sciences clinical research associate at Optegra, said: ‘The amount of time people spend looking at screens throughout their day is very worrying. Optometrists are noticing an increase in tech-related eye strain and looking at the results of our research, this is no surprise. It is very important that if you are spending a lot of time on screens, whether it be for work or at home, you take lots of frequent breaks.’