Hospital eye clinics have benefitted from the presence of eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs), according to BMJ Open research.

The study was funded by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and was led by Professor Mark Llewellyn, University of South Wales. It looked at what ECLOs do and the quality of ophthalmology clinics by examining the experiences of UK ophthalmology staff and found that ECLOs were valuable in relation to the Certificate of Visual Impairment process and at providing continuity of care for discharged patients.

Carolyn Chamberlain, head of eye clinic support services at RNIB, said: ‘This study confirms that ECLOs play a very important role in eye clinics. They can relieve pressure on clinical staff and ensure that patients receive practical and emotional support when they are diagnosed with sight loss. RNIB is working to ensure that patients get the emotional and practical support they need, when they need it.’