The presence of demodex, a microscopic mite that lives near hair follicles, increases with age. It has been observed in 84% of 60-year-olds and 100% of over-70s, says Thea Pharmaceuticals. Demodex mites can cause symptoms such as itching, burning, dryness and lid margin inflammation, and redness on the eyelid margin. Thea’s new product, Blephademodex eyelid wipes, are specifically designed to provide relief from the symptoms of demodex.

The wipes clean away crusts, dandruff, impurities and mites on eyelids and eyelashes. Thea said they are clinically proven to improve the symptoms associated with demodex infestation. The product has two active ingredients: Terpinen-4-ol, which is derived from tea tree oil and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties; and sodium hyaluronate that soothes the skin and acts as a moisturiser.

Blephademodex is preservative free and comes in boxes of 30 wipes.