Modern urban edgy chic has many homes in the world and among them is the Neubau district of Vienna. Austria’s take on Shoreditch lends its name to Neubau eyewear which hails from the Silhouette stable.

The Austrian designed and made brand delivers its uber cool city-based styling with an environmental message aimed squarely at the young professional buyer. At just two years old, Neubau is finding its feet and for 2018 3D meets wire across its metal styles. This creates further distinction from the brand’s Silhouette sibling and creates some fresh looks.

On trial is Erwin 3D in electric silver and denim. The 3D covering transforms Erwin’s squat aviator outline to give it a very modern funky, yet grown up feel. The combination retains its lightness and glazed at Silhouette’s Linz Vision Sensation lab, the complete spectacles offer a very aesthetically pleasing and solid finish. The deep eyesize offers a great home for the progressive lens. The whole package is comfortable, flexible and in a frame billed as durable by the maker.

Erwin 3D comes into its own on styling. It is an outré frame which drew positive feedback, despite the wearer being of mature years. It plays the neat trick of pairing with a business suit or modern casual attire. A fun frame to wear and a nice reminder that progressive lenses love deep frames.