A review into Moorfields Eye Hospital’s virtual A&E service has declared it safe, effective and convenient when compared to an in-person triage.

Published in eClinicalMedicine, the study was led by researchers at the London hospital into the safety of a video-based A&E service, which has been used during Covid-19.

Dr Olivia Li, honorary digital fellow of the department of digital medicine at Moorfields Eye Hospital, said: ‘Telemedicine is not novel, but Covid-19 has pushed us into adopting it at such a large scale. We are delighted to be able to demonstrate that our online eye A&E is safe for our patients as this was our main priority and we look forward to further integrations of tech into our clinical practice in future.’

Moorfields’ virtual A&E service was introduced within two days of the first national lockdown in the UK and has meant patients could receive eye care from home.

Patients accessed the platform via the Moorfields website where a virtual receptionist prioritised patients and signposted them to the correct service.