Stock lens supplier WLC celebrated its 30th anniversary in September and marked its development from a team of three to a workforce of 46 people who deliver several thousand stock lenses each day.

The Croydon-based company was established in 1991 as a lens distribution service for optical practices in the UK and Ireland that provided quality lenses at reasonable prices.

Phil Emerton, site manager at WLC, has worked for the company since it was founded and said 30 years was a huge landmark for the team.

‘The idea was quite revolutionary at the time and our ethos has always been about providing great service for our customers,’ he commented.

‘Personal service is key for the team and this has helped us form great relationships with our customers over the years. If someone has a problem, we’re always there and will do our best to try and help find a solution.

‘It’s usually all hands-on deck in the warehouse, we stay until all orders are fulfilled and out the door. The workforce is very loyal and several staff have been with the company for more than 10 years as they join and progress with us,’ Emerton added.