New technology offering ‘sunglass level’ UV protection in a clear ophthalmic lens has been developed by Zeiss.

UVProtect, which the company said was a result of research into lens material make ups that would not affect clarity, has been rolled out throughout the clear plastic lens range on offer from Zeiss.

‘UV protection is important for healthy vision,’ said Peter Robertson, marketing and communications director at Carl Zeiss Vision UK.

‘As part of the UVProtect market launch, Zeiss aims to actively educate patients about UV protection and associated health risks, and we will be supporting our ECP partners by providing practices with a range of informative point-of-sale materials, demonstration and promotional tools in addition to a nationwide awareness campaign.

‘It is important to explain to patients that UV light is present all day, every day and not just when the sun is shining. Through this innovation, Zeiss is raising its standard in eye health care. We believe everyone should have access to full UV protection for their eyes.’