Frames from children’s eyewear specialist Zoobug were recently used on the first Flying Eye Hospital’s programme operated in Shenyang, China, by sight charity Orbis.

Nine-year-old Xiu Ling, pictured, who was diagnosed with Double Levator Palsy, was just one the children who received treatment on board the aircraft under the care of ophthalmologist Dr Antonio Jaramillo and paediatric surgeon Dr Douglas Frederick from Stanford University. She was presented with Zoobug sunglasses during post-operative assessment to ensure correct protection and comfort for her eyes.

‘Zoobug has been donating glasses and sunglasses to Orbis since 2014,’ said its director Dr Julie Diem Le. ‘We are always grateful to know that our glasses and sunglasses are reaching children who have undergone surgery and need access to quality eyewear, particularly in the first days and months after an operation when it is essential that their eyes are properly cared for and protected as they recover.’