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Centres of holistic care

​It seems to be the norm nowadays for optometry practices to ally themselves with audiology specialists

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View from ABDO

​The opportunity for advancement and upskilling has never been greater for all our practice team

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View from Locsu

​The Royal College of Opthalmologists’ publication of new recommendations for screening of patients taking Hydroxychloroquine created significant challenges

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Chance to bridge the gap

​Optometry has waited long and fruitlessly for government to provide a top-down invitation to work with ophthalmology

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Chaos AD

​This was the first year I had been unable to get hold of a Glastonbury ticket since my first visit back in 1984

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Sunglass benefits

​Optometry and the eyewear business is in dire need of a cheerleader but who is going to step forward to take that job on?

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Days of future past

​Evidence continues to build regarding the measurement of changes in the eye

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Diary of a spectacle designer

Nothing is more important than frame design to Tom Davies. Here he reveals the thrills and trials as he launches a new collection

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Healthcare regulators

​Earlier this week we joined forces with eight other healthcare regulators to produce a joint statement

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Something better change

​So, CCGs think that cataract extraction is of ‘limited clinical value’. We all need to voice our rage at this at every opportunity possible

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View from BABO

​Behavioural optometry provides a great opportunity for Independent practices to differentiate themselves