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Reasons to be cheerful

​You might remember a slightly pessimistic leader column a couple of weeks ago following the news about the results of the Pfizer vaccine trials

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Building up your resilience

​Several years ago, I attended a leadership workshop with several other CEOs of businesses from a wide range of sectors

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Simon Jones: Read the room

​I’m finding it hard to make sense of some of the reaction to the GOC’s decision to hand optometrist Honey Rose a nine-month suspension order

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Bill Harvey: If you want blood

​With the announcement of a second Covid-19 vaccine from the US showing excellent early results, it has been another week for cautious optimism about next year

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Change on the horizon

​News earlier this week of findings from BioNtech and Pfizer’s late stage clinical trial results on its Covid-19 vaccine gave the entire world cause for optimism heading into 2021

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Bostin’ Steve Austin

​Good news, at last. News of over 90% efficacy with the Pfizer vaccine should be celebrated.

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Moneo: Strong constitution

At the end of September, the General Medical Council issued a document as part of its guidance on professional standards and ethics for doctors titled Decision making and consent

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Bill Harvey: Mellow yellow

​We all knew a second lockdown was coming, so the announcement this week of a return to the College’s amber phase for practices added no more to the steaming up we all battle with in clinic at present.

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Simon Jones: Oven-ready ESR

Perhaps the most damning assessment of the GOC's ESR process to date has been released by the AOP, College and OSC

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Moneo: One year to deliver

​The other day I was reading an email thread about contracts with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) for local enhanced services.

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Spare us the cutter

​At the risk of sounding as hopelessly optimistic as Eric Idle, one of the positives of this pandemic has been how eye care professionals have risen to challenges beyond what most were previously facing