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Framed! Sir Cliff Richard

Everyone loves a bit of Cliff, the ever-living Peter Pan of pop just seems to keep on going and this month sees the release of a new single with the word 'What!' in it rather too much.

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The mechanics of CET explained ... Legal argument to rule change

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It 'asda be' aftercare

At the risk of further upsetting contact lens-fitting opticians, there is no let up on the pricing front, with Asda now throwing its weight behind online sales of the product.

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Why trust PCTs?

Why the professional bodies are so keen for us to put our faith in PCTs I cannot imagine, now NHS work may be put out to the lowest tender (News, July 29).

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Framed! Election 2005 special

With the general election looming and the race for Number 10 becoming harder to call than many expected a few months ago, I've decided to predict the results of the general election by analysing the two main challengers' spectacles.

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CL pricing bands

I am most grateful for the comments given by Yogesh Patel, (Letters July 29).

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Biting the hand that feeds?

On the subject of CIBA Dailies and their supply by Tesco, I too find it hard to believe that even Tesco with its far smaller profit margin, is prepared to sell 30 pairs for the grand profit of £1.46 (excluding P&P). We were guaranteed when we became stockists that we would always receive the best discount available. This, it appears, is not so.

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But what about our costs?

CET is now compulsory, and rightly so. There does, however, seem to be some concern about recording our points.

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Framed! Chris Evans

Before I start on Chris Evans I just want to reach out to Trevor McDonald's optician. Following our expose on the veteran news presenter's spectacle horrors in the issue of January 21, we are delighted to see that Trevor is now sporting shiny new modern glasses. Coincidence? I don't think so!

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Annus horribilis

2005 is rapidly turning into the annus horribilis of the contact lens business.

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Omen writes

Owt for nowt ... Cocking a snook ... Holier than thou