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Framed! Germaine Greer

Last month I watched Germaine Greer and her exploits on Big Brother. Greer has given me a lot of ideas about spectacles making you look older than you actually are.

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Publicity Machine ... GOC's War Chest

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Yafoo writes

Smoke gets in your eyes ... Free eye exams ... Show of generosity

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All we need to know

Can you imagine the reaction of the general public if the Government announced that their children could sit as many GCSEs as they liked, but if they passed more than seven, the rest wouldn't count. Martin Edwards can...

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The Next generation

This week's comment: How much longer can the profession hold off from charging sensible fees for professional services rendered?

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Domiciliary rules

John Tomlinson (Letters, July 8) may think that the AOP has been silent on the new regulations governing domiciliaries.

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Unsung heroes

There was a time in our society when 'quacks' and 'carpet baggers' were shamed and pilloried.

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Day to remember

May I through your columns thank Nick Atkins and all at Proven Track Record for what we considered a very successful day at the Independents Day meeting in Birmingham on Monday July 4.

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CIBA's price bands are too large

I read Howard Barnes of CIBA Vision's article on 'Handling the Changes' in optician. I had to stop and start again three times as the content made me nauseous.

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Framed! Harry Potter

What does the young teenager buy in today's practice? No longer a child and not quite an adult it must be difficult to find anything that is suitable.

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Top service to beat supermarkets

Letter regarding the threat of contact lens sales from supermarkets is much greater [to optical practices] than that from the internet.