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Disabled patients are disadvantaged

I am grateful to Robin Dawson (Letters, July 1) for highlighting the problems with the new regulations governing domiciliary visits. I was beginning to think I was alone, since the AOP and others have been remarkably quiet on this subject.

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Every little helps

What can practitioners do to help protect their businesses now that high-profile high street retailing of contact lenses is a reality? This week's comment...

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GOC had no right to personal details

I read with surprise that the GOC registrar (News, July 1) thinks it is fit to berate the large number of registrants who, knowing we live in a free society, decided not to fill in the GOC demands for insurance and other details which the GOC had absolutely no right to insist on.

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Feeling frozen out

When is optometry going to be funded by charging for clinical time and not by selling peripheral products?

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In at the beginning

I read with interest the details of Professor Drasdo and his distinguished career (OPTICIAN, June 17) and his brilliant academic progeny.

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Framed! Bono

Whenever someone asks me which celebrities wear my glasses, regardless of my answers, it always leads the questioner to immediately muse over their own list and top of that list is always Bono.

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Seeing red, Yafoo writes