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Bill Harvey: Millionaire waltz

It is almost exactly a year since I predicted that one possible silver lining of the current pandemic would be an appreciation of the importance of a well-funded health service

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Masters of the universe

So, all the professional bodies have now offered their qualified support for the proposals of the GOC Education Strategic Review

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Moneo: Restructured for good

​It was with a sense of impending déjà-vu that I read the other day of the government’s intention to restructure the NHS

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Simon Jones: The blame game

More than two months after the UK left the European Union, the impact of Brexit on small businesses is still coming out in the wash.

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In search of space

​One positive outcome of the current situation will be the development of the role of the eye care professional.

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Stepping into the breach

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined what the government hopes will be the UK’s path out of lockdown.

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Dragged down by the stone

​The second of this week’s CET articles reminds us of the importance of providing eye care to those with learning disabilities

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Path of least resistance

​In October, I (perhaps) cheekily drew some parallels between the GOC’s Education Strategic Review and Brexit

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Bill Harvey: Blind faith

​Were Aesop still alive, I am sure he would be thinking of writing a sequel to his fable of the lupine howler

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Making the right choice

NHS or private ophthalmology care? Tim Manners outlines what optometrists and patients should know