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Letters: Duality

​I have been reading with interest the debate about amber phase.

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A blind spot for the sector

​At the start of this year, I was reading an article in the business section of one of the leading newspapers.

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You’re wearing a mask

​Perhaps the starkest statistic yet was released this week by the Office of National Statistics; 45% of deaths in January of this year were due to Covid-19

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Bill Harvey: Curved air

​Last week I heard how, on top of everything, our local hospital had to deal with an infestation of ‘wee timorous beasties’.

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Mentoris writes: Happy new you

The first column of 2021 sees Mentoris delving into philosophy and identifying how practice owners and managers can ferment positive change in the year ahead

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Simon Jones: Red mist

​Reaction from front line ECPs last week regarding the College of Optometrists’ continued Amber Phase guidance really has been the only show in town for the last seven days.

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Bill Harvey: Charley says

​I hope that, by the time you read this, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind about the importance of a full lockdown

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Moneo: Once and future thing

​As I write this first column of the new year uncertainty still surrounds us all because of the possibility of a further spike in cases of coronavirus

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Eye of the tornado

Bah, humbug. Just as the Harvey household was looking forward to a gathering of the clan to enjoy a slice of vegan surprise...