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Eye of the tornado

Bah, humbug. Just as the Harvey household was looking forward to a gathering of the clan to enjoy a slice of vegan surprise...

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Simon Jones: Bye bye 2020

​No doubt about it, 2020 has been awful. Describing it as ‘a year to forget,’ wouldn’t be right, but it shouldn’t be a year to dwell on either.

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Bill Harvey: Afterglid

Immediately prior to the first person in the UK being vaccinated against Covid-19, we all received a letter

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The night of the year

​Some well-needed cheer for the optical profession was delivered on Wednesday when the winners of the 2020 Optician Awards were revealed

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Bill Harvey: Tears are falling

​Ten years ago, I was asked by Alcon to chair a round table. The aim was to gather a range of health professionals and industry experts together in order to hear their views

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Letters: Material matters

We refer to the article entitled ‘Why are 1 day SiH lenses a good choice for my patients?’ published in Optician on November 6, 2020.

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Building up your resilience

​Several years ago, I attended a leadership workshop with several other CEOs of businesses from a wide range of sectors

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Reasons to be cheerful

​You might remember a slightly pessimistic leader column a couple of weeks ago following the news about the results of the Pfizer vaccine trials

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Bill Harvey: If you want blood

​With the announcement of a second Covid-19 vaccine from the US showing excellent early results, it has been another week for cautious optimism about next year

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Simon Jones: Read the room

​I’m finding it hard to make sense of some of the reaction to the GOC’s decision to hand optometrist Honey Rose a nine-month suspension order

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Bostin’ Steve Austin

​Good news, at last. News of over 90% efficacy with the Pfizer vaccine should be celebrated.