Another year over and some reasons to be positive. I think the advances made in our professions towards enhanced service provision and developing technical skills have been admirable. Here’s to this continuing over what may prove a bumpy couple of years.

So, with advance apologies for the cornea puns, here is an end of year quiz (answers below).

1 What is used to measure aloofness between schoolchildren?

2 What does Asperger’s have in common with Captain Scarlet?

3 What links Universal Credit with cyclopentolate?

4 What colour defect has been seen in urban cyclists?

5 What do you call a disagreement between stalkers?

6 What links the Windrush generation and an unstable phoria?

7 How do you check the integrity of the lids?

8 What is the cause of the need to close one’s eyes upon hearing a Cliff Richard Christmas song?

9 What is the most effective way of inducing tear flow?


1 Inter-pupillary distance

2 Both are somewhere on the Spectrum

3 Both lead to a loss of accommodation

4 Inability to distinguish red and green

5 A fixation disparity

6 Questionable compensation

7 A cover test

8 A pop ptosis

9 ‘And now for some CET on dry eye disease…’

Have a good one!