This week sees the start of one of several major CET series we have planned for the coming months and which will run throughout the newly started three-year CET cycle. The Essential Contact Lens Practice series has been developed with Dr Rachel Hiscox from J&J and, in bimonthly features, will offer an up-to-date overview of this important area of practice, covering all major lens types and patient care. The series is designed as a useful resource for optometrist, contact lens optician and dispensing optician alike and will run parallel with other series covering different themes.

Examples of such series starting in the next few weeks include a complete programme on all aspects of dispensing, developed with Peter Black, and aimed very much at work in everyday practice. Look out also for our new series on binocular vision and its assessment, from Dr Fergal Ennis of Cardiff University. The aim has been to offer comprehensive coverage of themes suggested by you as most useful to everyday practice.

But, just in case you were worried Optician might lose sight of some of the more exciting technological breakthroughs that will influence future practice, worry ye not. I am hoping in the coming year to cover some of the many and various ways that virtual reality science is coming to the aid of both practitioner and patient. Last week saw the launch of the new Oculenz AR Wear spectacles which use advanced pre-eye screens to adapt the user’s view to negate areas of loss due to diseases such as AMD. There was also a presentation in London last week by Oxford neuroscientist Dr Stephen Hicks highlighting his OXSIGHT lens system for those with peripheral vision loss. Expect reviews on each shortly. I am also planning a trial of the already established OrCam system soon, so look out for this too. Here’s to the future.