We’re constantly being told how many hundreds of pounds we can save by switching gas, electricity or broadband suppliers, but how many of us actually do?

Habit is a powerful force, people tend to do things the way they do because they always have, business is no different. The catalyst for change tends to be the arrival of a problem but how much opportunity and money has been lost in the meantime?

Differentiation is widely accepted to be the way forward for practices seeking a niche or looking to raise their reputation, win loyal patients and increase the value and quality of their offering. Supporting the smaller guy against the march of the mega corporations has also captured the zeitgeist

Practices have become adept at changing frames suppliers but when it comes to lenses the story is very different. Last summer Optician’s Market Monitor surveyed readers on the topic and found that, while 21% said they often changed frame suppliers, none said they often changed lens suppliers. The conservative approach to lenses was further demonstrated by the finding that a quarter only use one prescription house.

Optician’s look at the potential for in house glazing is just one element in the lens supply chain that can make a big difference to the quality and cost of the specs you dispense. More importantly it starts a conversation within the practice about what customers want. It also starts a conversation with outside suppliers about the options available.

Practices who have stuck unquestioningly with a single supplier for five years may find there’s a better deal on the table if they decide to try another brand of lens.

As the nice chaps on the telly keep telling us: switching is simple, quick and could save you a lot of money.